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Geared Potentiometer Assemby, Heavy Duty (Double Reduction) Linear Servovalve Amplifier with Adjustable Ramps
Our Price: $714.00
Our Price: $647.00
This series of enclosed, gear driven potentiometer assemblies are general purpose devices that are designed to be connected to the user's equipment and provide position feedback or command signals to the process control system. They are suitable for dancer position indication, thread tapping head depth control or any other application that requires position information from a rotating drive shaft. This series of linear servovalve driver modules is designed to be used for open or closed loop motion and speed control systems. Acceleration and deceleration rates are adjustable. The output is a linear bipolar current signal and will drive all pump displacement control devices and servovalves that have coil current requirements up to 200 ma. The command signal can be derived from either an external voltage source or a potentiometer.
Command Potentiometer, Heavy Duty Dancer Roll Position Regulator
Our Price: $135.00
Our Price: $445.00
This series of heavy duty controls are general purpose devices that are designed to be panel mounted and used to provide input signals to the user's process control electronics. They are normally used to allow the equipment operator to input speed, position, pressure, torque or additional command information. This dancer roll position regulator is designed to maintain a process dancer roll at a preset position. During operation the dancer position is indicated by the signal supplied from a potentiometer or other suitable position sensing transducer. The dancer position signal is compared to the command position signal by the regulator. Any error existing between the two signals is amplified and applied to the process drive system in a manner that will tend to cause it's response to reduce the error to zero. The dancer position regulator provides all of the features required to implement a complete high performance, closed loop, control system.
Quad Linear Ramp Generator PID Controller with Feedforward
Our Price: $552.00
Our Price: $781.00
This dither generator module is designed to provide a bipolar triangle or square wave output for use as the dither input to high performance servovalve amplifiers. It should be used in applications where the utmost in system response and accuracy is required. In addition, it may also be used as a general purpose oscillator. This PID controller module is designed to provide all of the functions required to implement a complete high performance, closed loop, three mode (proportional, integral and derivative (PID)) control system on a single circuit board. In addition to the standard PID functions, the board contains feedforward as well as external bias and signal scaling circuits. All of the function blocks feature compatible signal levels, thus allowing them to be directly interconnected to produce the configuration required for a specific application. The module operates directly from the AC power line or from a unregulated, bipolar, DC power supply.

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